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            ABOUT US

            Chongqing Junneng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing,manufacturing and trading various series of oil recycling & regeneration equipment.It is located in Chongqing,CN,which is known as the mountain city,providing us convenient communication lines in air-sea-land way.


            Since established,Junneng always presents itself as market-oriented.Based on the high-tech development we use our human source and technology as our advantages and take "Be Part Of The Solution,Not The Pollution." as our responsibility.Our company has developed into an oil recycling & regeneration production base.


            After years of learning,studying and improving the edgy technology of various highly-advanced oil......

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            Contact information

            Chongqing Junneng Machine Manufacturing Co.,ltd
            Add. : NO.63 bo qiao road, Jianqiao Ave, Dadukou district, chongqing, china
            Zip Code: 400084
            Tel: +86-(0)23-86232262、86232252 、86314082 、13883584036
            Fax: +86-(0)2386232166
            Email: cqjnjx@163.com
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